First Class Child Care - 1st, 2nd and 3rd Shifts
Personal Philosophy of Early Childhood Education/Mission Statement
We believe children all learn in many different ways.  We believe they learn by actively participating with their peers and through positive role-models.  They learn through all types of communication.  They learn through watching and listening. They learn through exploring their environment and through taking risk and making mistakes.  They learn through playing and just down-right having fun.
Every teacher and role model play significant roles in every child’s life.  They are the guidance and facilitator that manages, observes as well as set the tone of the classroom.  Every educator must be prepared to work with different types of children and to be consistent and fair disciplinarians.    
The environment should be clean, warm and comfortable for all children.  Every child should feel safe and should be given the opportunity to explore their surroundings.  The classroom materials should be accessible for the children according to age appropriateness to include modern technology.  The environment should be pre-arranged.  The atmosphere should be non-threatening and learning friendly.
Guidelines, goals and lessons should be clearly explained and defined.  Praises and encouragement should be priority. 
Most importantly, parents and teachers should always communicate with each other and be accessible for their child’s needs.  Children should always feel loved and should be able to accept and express their love for others.  A consistent pattern should always be represented for every child’s daily life. 
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